Monday, January 09, 2006

Opening post

Still trying to work this place out. It doesn't seem entirely flexible, I have to say. I'm used to tinkering with HTML, so the fact that everything is ordered and done for me is quite difficult. I hate machines telling me what to do: I want to change the colours, the fonts, the sizes, the shapes just because I can't, because the damned system is telling me what to do.

Anyway, this is my opening post, so what am I here for? I'm a member of Alex Keegan's BootCamp, which is to say that I'm a driven writer. And that bastard Keegan doesn't half drive you. I've been on BC for about five months or so, and in that time I've had around 20 items published in various ezines and journals; prior to that I had a grand total of zero, so I guess you can say it's been pretty successful.

The thing about Boot Camp is that you join in, and you do. You write and you bloody well keep writing, whether you feel like it or not. And more than that, you write about writing - you crit other people's works, comment on their stories, the bits that worked well, the bits that didn't. And you score it, using a grid which is used by all Boot Campers, and which offers an objective analysis of a story's worth. Believe me, through that you really start to learn how to read a story.

And only by being able to read a story can you ever hope to write one.

So that's what I get out of Boot Camp: an environment where my lazy arse isn't allowed to hold sway, where I can get honest, realistic criticism of my stories, where I can learn some of the craft which goes into being a decent writer.

And this blog?

It's a diversionary tactic, obviously: something to do to kid myself I'm writing. Well, I did say I was lazy, didn't I?