Monday, May 26, 2014

No fascists here

We've just had the European elections, and a fairly dismal set of results they present, with that dismal bunch of little Englanders, the UK Independence Party winning the popular vote.

But I can't be too disappointed because the election saw the wipe-out of the British National Party. Last time around, they picked up so much of the protest vote they ended up with two MEPs, one of them in my consituency. Today's results mean that, after today, I no longer have a fascist as my elected political representative in the European Parliament.

And that's something worth celebrating.


You may have noticed I've been quiet of late. I'm very busy

Aside from literature, my other abding passion is football (soccer) and specifically my club, St Johnstone. Always unfashionable and under-achieving, last Saturday did the astonishing deed of WINNING the Scottish Cup. We've been in existence for 130 years and in that time have won precisely nothing of note, so this is a stupendous occurrence, and one that St Johnstone fans are taking some time to assimilate.

I'm in the middle of compiling and writing a fans' history of the club at the moment, with the aim of it being published in late July for the start of the new football season. So that's taking up all my time at the moment. So for the time being William Faulkner and Flannery O'Connor and Cormac McCarthy will just have to play second fiddle to Henry Hall and John Connolly and Roddy Grant et al...